Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott
LBGTQ Activist, President of United Equality Consulting
Overcoming Adversity to Be Your True Self
Shannon grew up on a ranch in Montana and served in the US military for 12 years with deployments in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Shannon’s talk will focus on how she overcame her struggles, pains and suicidal thoughts in her journey to lead an authentic life. Shannon’s inspirational story will show how and why everyone has a right to be able to live an authentic and happy life.

LBGTQ activist and small business owner Shannon Scott currently serves on the National Board of Governors for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), through which she co-leads all HRC activities in Oregon and S.W. Washington. As president of United Equality Consulting, a Portland-based business committed to bringing LGBTQ workplace equality across the nation, Shannon has worked with some of the largest organizations in the U.S., including PwC, Standard Insurance, and Department of Defense. For over a decade Shannon served in the U.S. military, seeing multiple tours in Iraq. Her experience as a transgender woman provides critical insight into the necessity of LGBTQ equality in the workplace and beyond. Shannon’s reputation as a consultant and public speaker has led to partnerships with the The Statesman Journal, Fox News, The New York Times and more.