The Mortons

The Mortons
It Takes a Village
Amazing Family of Eight


What started out as a regular trip to soccer practice ended one week later with a 15 year old's leadership, a courageous choice, and a new family. Daniel and Patrick Okonkwo were two young teenage brothers from Nigeria, living in the Atlanta area without a home, a family, legal status, going to school or knowing where their next meal would come from. Despite these hardships, their faith, incredible resilience and passion for soccer gave them determination and kept them out of trouble. It is also through soccer that Patrick Okonkwo and Sam Morton met. After learning of the brothers’ situation, Sam and his family wanted to help. They invited the brothers into their home, their family and their hearts. Each took a leap of faith which has now grown into a loving family of 8. 

Their story demonstrates that the opportunity to make a difference can present itself when you are least prepared for it or least expect it. By having the courage to take the lead, Daniel and Patrick found a new family and the Morton’s found two new wonderful sons and brothers. 


Already with three kids ages 15, 24 and 26, the Mortons opened their hearts and their home in Atlanta to two teenagers, ages 15 and 17, who had no home, legal status, or family. The brothers from Nigeria, Patrick and Daniel, who have all the potential in the world to be US National Soccer players, needed support. In order to succeed they needed a nurturing family and united community to guide them through getting an education and receiving scholarships to a top tier soccer school. Gavin, Sue, Heidi (Patrick), Patrick, and Sam Morton are that amazing family who changed the lives of two boys who had nothing.