Eric de Groot

Eric de Groot
Conference Emcee & Facilitator
Meeting Designer & Facilitator - MindMeeting

Eric de Groot, MindMeeting BV, is one of the first Meeting Designers. His pioneering work started in 1992; now he caters to the national (Dutch) market in his company De Wet van Thomas and internationally in MindMeeting. Thanks to his background in drama he takes a broad, human perspective to meetings and meeting processes. Eric regularly conducts workshops and learning sessions for professionals all around the globe. He wrote ‘Into the Heart of Meetings’ referred to as the bible of the changing meeting industry. He sees meetings as potentially strong catalysts of success if action is involved in them. “Listening is only the beginning of learning“  he says. His meeting designs involve tailor made interactions, crowdsourcing and group-work. He calls his presentations Keyshops. At LEAD 2015 he will help to get the most out of the content.

He lives on a yacht in the north of Netherlands, father of three daughters, grandfather and the fiancée of Joanna, who he will marry in May 2015.