Dr. Richard Pimentel

Dr. Richard Pimentel
Why we choose Charisma over Character
Keynote, Corporate and Motivational Speaker, Comedian and Author


Character the most important and most difficult to evaluate component of leadership. 

Whether it is on a global, a societal or an organizational scale, leaders who are heroes and villains emerge. They often seem larger than life. The differences between these heroic and villainous leaders is not competency nor knowledge nor vision. It is character. Dr. Richard Pimentel will explore the irreplaceable component of character in leadership.

  • What is character?
  • Can a leader’s character be measured or only exposed?
  • Real time interactive role plays that reveal character or the lack of it.
  • How can skill training be used to make persons of character into more effective leaders?

Richard Pimentel is one of the leading experts in the nation on practical issues in Diversity Inclusion, Managing and Supervising Wounded Warriors, Workers Compensation cost savings, Disability Management, Overcoming Barriers, Crises and Change in the Workplace, Disability and Diversity issues in the workplace, Disabled Veterans Employment Opportunities, and the ADAAA.

Richard is not only technically proficient, he is also an exceptional communicator whose audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, metaphor, analogy and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.

As the key author of the highly acclaimed and widely used Windmills program designed to change the attitudes and behavior of supervisors who hire and promote employees with disabilities, he has played an influential role in creating workplace opportunities for persons with disabilities with many of America’s largest and most prestigious government and employer organizations.

A full length motion picture of his life story “Music Within” staring Ron Livingston, Melissa George and Michael Sheen was released in theaters through out the country in the fall 2007 and is now showing on cable channels and out on DVD. 

Watch the Trailer for Richard's Movie 'Music Within' Here