Angie Paccione, Ph.D.

Angie Paccione
Angie Paccione, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Client Partnerships, Author, Master Facilitator at Verus Global


Go Beyond Engagement: Equip Your Leaders to Activate Potential
We may have become lulled into a false sense of contentment when we measure employees on a scale of engagement – disengagement. Leaders tell us and we intuitively know that there is a level of performance that goes beyond engagement. A plethora of research continues to confirm the basic truth that employees who are inspired and fulfilled outperform all others. Safety, quality, productivity, innovation, collaboration... every metric is amplified when potential is activated. Unfortunately, everywhere you look, you will find those whose potential has gone unactivated. Even worse, you won’t have to look far to find those whose potential has been deactivated. As leaders, it is incumbent on us to create the conditions for potential to be activated. When 70% of employees self­ describe as “disengaged” at work, there is much to be done. In this high energy presentation, Dr. Paccione, a performance expert with Verus Global will introduce the Performance Spectrum and key tools that leaders can immediately use to begin the process of activating potential in every interaction, every day. The Spectrum and tools are transferable and we encourage you to put them to use immediately with your family and colleagues.


Dr. Angie Paccione grew up in the South Bronx, New York City. As a bi­racial young girl, Angie excelled in academics and athletics and earned a full­ride athletic scholarship to Stanford University. After playing for the USA, for Stanford University, for humanitarian teams and in the women’s professional basketball league, Angie pursued a career in education. She taught at the secondary level where she also became the first woman in Colorado to coach a BOY’S varsity sport at the large school classification. Angie earned her Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies and became a professor. At Colorado State University Dr. Paccione pursued a research agenda that included learning and development, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and change management. In 2002, Angie was inspired to pursue public office and served two terms as a State Representative in the Colorado General Assembly. In 2006, she ran for US Congress, losing by just 2.5% against the incumbent. Since 2007, Angie has worked with the award­winning management consulting company, Verus Global – where they equip teams to do big things. She has continued to deliver keynotes that inspire, motivate, and equip individuals with a few basic tools to activate potential and impact performance.