Corporate Leaders

Every year in North America there are thousands of corporate leadership conferences hosted by a variety of organizations, using different models, but providing the same benefits: two or three great days of uplifting leadership lessons. Participants leave feeling inspired, ready to make positive change, and about $1500 lighter. The other commonality- more than 90% of it is forgotten before they ever get the opportunity to bring it back to their organization. The LEAD2015 content is provided in such a practical and relatable fashion that we guarantee it will not be forgotten before it provides any real benefits.

The corporate advisory board is composed of seasoned and successful leaders from a variety of industries and organizations.

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Four Seasons, Dallas


Executive-Level Leadership Professional
Registration for executive-level leadership & HR professionals within companies who employ more than 10k people, or are listed on the Forbes Global 2000 list.


Leadership Professional
Registration for any level leadership or HR professionals within companies who do not provide leadership consulting or solutions.


Leadership Partner & Provider
Registration for leadership solution providers and consultants.


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