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LEAD2017 Corporate Branding Opportunities
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Let's Think Differently About Leadership.

Corporate Branding Opportunities
  • Employment Branding. Showcase your brand as one that truly cares about the development of their present and future leaders. 
  • It's about your people. By sponsoring you get a package of tickets for your employees. At the end of the day you couldn't do what you do without your people, help them stay at the top of their game by learning and sharing with other senior executives. 
  • Bring it back to your organization. By partnering with LEAD2018 you will be given access to the broadcast links so that you can bring a day of keynote speakers, inspiration and learning back to your organization.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities.  Network with hundreds of HR executives in a span of two days and build lasting relationships with people from all over; If you are looking to add talent to your organization . . . this is the richest talent pool of Senior HR Executives that you ever want to fish in. 

LEAD2018 is all about the people. As a networking only conference it's main focus is on building strong relationships between peers. We create a fun and interactive space for top corporate leaders to help and support one another on their journey to becoming even better leaders. Help us create yet another unforgettable event. 

And since no good deed goes unrecognized, here are just a few things a Corporate Sponsorship Package can do for you!

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LEAD2018 Corporate Branding Opportunities
Corporate Branding Opportunities
of HR
Until May 31st
*At an
with 2,500+
Until June 30th
Until July 31st
Until Aug. 31st
Until Sept. 30th
Until Oct. 31st
Until Nov. 30th
Until Nov. 30th
Until Dec. 31st
up to 10,000
(multiple locations)
$2 / extra person
up to 2,000
(multiple locations)
$4 / extra person

* We will provide personalized invitations for your guest passes. Provide us with your contacts and we will send them a customized mail invitation, PLUS 2 email invites and 2 follow up phone calls on your behalf.