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Host a LEAD2018 Simulcast

Bring LEAD2018 To Your Organization!

Be your own leader! Don't worry if you can't make it to Salt Lake City, we will bring Salt Lake City to you. Have 13 World Class speakers live streamed into your organization on February 8th and create your own customized leadership day. As a Remote Site Host, you will be an industry leader by providing exclusive access to these speakers. Remote sites can be structured as a revenue generating opportunity for you, so invite your staff, clients and stakeholders to participate in the most inspiring leadership event of 2018, all from your own place of business.

Be a part of creating #AWorldInspired.
Talk to a LEAD2018 Team Member about getting your program set up.

Benefits of Hosting a simulcast:

  1. Earn HRCI and SHRM credits
  2. Bring the speakers to your entire team
  3. Create a tailored leadership conference in house
  4. Lower costs compared to attending the event in person
  5. Ability to profit from simulcast admission and gain exposure for you company


Fill out an Application Form - Step One

1. Fill out the LEAD2018 Host a Remote Site Application webform:
2. Download the LEAD2018 Simulcast License Agreement:

Get in Contact -
Step Two

A LEAD Representative will be in contact with you shortly.
If you have urgent questions or concerns please contact us at

Promote your event -
Step Three

1. EventBrite (Our third party ticket selling website) offers useful promotional tools.
2. Download the "Remote Host Package" for more details on how to host a great simulcast.
3. Additional content will be provided by a LEAD representative on request.

Remote Site - FAQ

Download the Remote Site FAQ and Important Information PDF:

Remote Site Host Application Form

estimated attendance over 500 people