Women in Leadership

Despite holding 52% of all professional jobs, women only account for 14.6% of executive officers. It has been proven time and time again that women, leading alongside men, result in more effective decision-making- not just when it comes to the “soft science”, but the bottom line as well. Women are already established leaders in many places; schools, communities, and homes come to mind. The goal of LEAD2015 to create this same leadership equality in the boardroom.

Women have come a long way in the last two generations, but there is still room to grow and glass ceilings to shatter. The dedicated advisory board on women in leadership for LEAD2015 is composed of 7 influential advisors.

These incredible people have selected the speakers who will be providing content for the women in leadership track. Based on life experience, presentation quality, and content relevance they have chosen approximately 50% of the speakers to tell their stories. This content, although presented by, and targeted at women, is directly beneficial for the entire audience to gain perspective and insight on the importance of gender equality in leadership.