The Wild Side of Teams and Leadership: What sled dogs know that we don't

Chris Heeter - Owner/Founder- The Wild Institute
Presentation Description: 

Ever had a difficult experience working with a team? Maybe there was someone in your group that just didn't pull their weight, or maybe it's still a mystery why a team of smart, talented individuals had trouble jelling. Join award-winning leadership speaker and wilderness guide, Chris Heeter, for a journey into the wild side of teamwork and leadership. Drawing on three decades of experience working with teams, Chris illuminates the nuances as well as offers practical down-to-earth skills for leading and being part of teams. Her stories come from her sled dogs, their hilarious and quirky personalities, and the remarkable similarities in working with teams, whether they have four legs or two! Award winning speaker and business owner, Chris Heeter, is out to create a wild revolution. A wilderness guide since 1982, featured on the Discovery Channel’s National Geographic Today, Chris has led and worked with countless teams, helping them literally and figuratively and their way as a group and as individuals. Chris draws on stories from her sled dog team and white-water canoeing adventures. Her programs are rich with content, perspective, and easy to apply insight for the workplace and beyond. She believes that teamwork, leadership, and diversity boil down to three simple elements: self-knowledge, compassionate presence, and courageous conversations. In other words, it boils down to being your full wild self—having the courage to bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do.