LEAD2015 Testimonials
LEAD Testimonial "The LEAD 2015 conference was an unexpected surprise.  When I received the agenda, I was curious as to how they were going to have 22 speakers in two days.  I expected a typical conference about leadership skills and competencies.  Instead what I received was much more valuable.  Instead I was inspired over and over again by incredible inspirational stories. There were stories of courage, hope and incredible acts of service and kindness. I was inspired by those who had overcome obstacles and by those who made me see things from a different perspective.  The setting was beautiful, the networking was meaningful, the presentations were insightful, President Clinton was awe inspiring and my take away was that real leaders make a difference by changing the world around them.  To top it all off, we were the first place recipient of the Leadership 500 Award in our category! This was definitely time well spent.   In a couple of words, I would sum it up as life changing.  Thank you to Debbie and her team.  Job well done!"
Angela Wilson, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Manager, Learning and Organizational Development Department of Human Resources - University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.
LEAD Testimonial "I wanted to share with you and my colleagues how impressed I was with the leadership event in Dallas last week, LEAD2015.  You organized a great array of best in class speakers...international (President Clinton); HR (Bev Kaye, Ken Blanchard and Marshall Goldsmith); and young superstars (Craig Kielburger, Vivienne Harr).  The result was tremendous.  What an absolute treat for those of us in the audience in Dallas and around the world.

At this prestigious event, I know our own HR leadership team was very proud to be recognized as an award winner for our leadership programs and of course, Laura and Bianca did a beautiful job representing our company as one that cares about growing and inspiring leaders."

Lisa Hartley
SAP Global Human Resources
LEAD Testimonial "LEAD2015 was one of the best conferences I've attended in a while – and I was only there for one day! Couldn't have asked for a better venue, speakers, and content. I loved the atmosphere, organization, and quick pace of the 30-minute keynotes. And there was just enough time for networking mixed in to the agenda. The staff did a bang-up job all around and I look forward to attending again next year!"
Steve Jensen
Director of Public Relation - VitalSmarts
LEAD Testimonial
"There are not words to capture the special-ness of this event. This is one of the most inspirational conferences I have attended.  I laughed and I cried! This is a conference that you truly feel. I don't think there is anything that can quite compare. The lineup of speakers was remarkable as Lisa has pointed out , and to top that, so were the participants. I have made a multitude of connections from this experience, already making plans to work with some of the speakers and participants that I met on projects and other engagements.  The impact of this conference will live on and it was an amazing gift to be part of it. Thank you Debbie. I would be honored to provide a testimonial regarding this event for your use.

Also, we are absolutely honored to have been recognized as a top 50 award winner by HR.Com for our female leadership development program , LEAP. Truly thrilled!

I hope we can continue the journey we have begun at next year's conference. I look forward to seeing you all there."

Bianca E. McCann, MHRIR
Global HR Lead, HR Expert Network - SAP Global Human Resources
LEAD Testimonial "I have worked as a corporate trainer, consultant for the past 30 years.  I have been to hundreds of corporate/government/non profit conferences in my lifetime and I have never experiences such passion, quality of speakers and inspiritation.  At the end of the conference I felt like climbing to the highest mountain in the US and yelling Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for such an incredible life changing event. Thank you Deb Mcgrath and the entire HR.com team for such a well planned high quality event.

The best speakers were Richard Pimentel, Ken Blanchard and Loung Ung. 90 percent of the speakers were outstanding and of course we could have listened to Bill Clinton for the entire day. "
Milt Wright
Milt Wright & Associates Inc
LEAD Testimonial "Talk about learning and applying yourself to help others learn too.  The LEAD2015 conference was insightful, practical, and inspirational.  The experience and dialogue provided learning opportunities for me, content to reflect on to enhance my leadership impact, and an array of opportunities to practice in session as well as in my professional and personal life."
Lamont Gilbert 
Leadership & Executive Development Consultant - CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer
LEAD Testimonial "Thumbs up on the event! Lance is just the most incredible person I've met in years.  An amazing connection."
Howard Tarnoff
"The LEAD2015 conference is the best conference I have ever attended. From speakers to flow to timing to subject matter, I was engaged each moment. And the cherry on top was the opportunity to network with people from across the globe. This conference was definitely worth the investment!"
Belinda S. Han, MA
 Beverly Kaye "Bravo for the HR.com Team!
I must admit, I've followed Deb and her team over many years...speaking at most of their gatherings. Each time I wonder...how will they pull this off? Each time I am pleasantly surprised that not only do they pull it off each and every time....but they do it beautifully! This time, the LEAD2015 gathering really had me concerned. Deb and her team had a gigantic dream about doing something very very unique that would reach millions. I should have learned never to doubt Deb! I will never doubt the capacity of the HR.com team again. While they may not have reached millions (yet) they are well on their way. The conference in Dallas went off without a hitch. The speakers were awesome and out-of-the-ordinary! Speaking on the second day and watching all the talented speakers before me made me a nervous wreck! (Always easier if the folks that precede you are dull and boring!) I think the live audience felt this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and were so thankful to be there. I have no doubt that the satellite audience felt the same. My hat (and I do like wearing hats) is off to the tireless and fearless HR.com team!
Bev Kaye
Founder - Career Systems International
"I greatly enjoyed the mix of topics and speakers. As well as the artful processing segues provided by Eric. The 22 minute format forced a succinctness that is rare to find and was for the most part effective (some speakers were very clear-others less so)!"
Ann Herrmann

CEO & President - Herrmann International
"When I explain my experience at LEAD2015, three words come to mind.  They are creativity, collaboration and connection.  As an adult one of the first things we give up is our creativity.  So many speakers at the LEAD2015 conference reminded me of the need to infuse my work and the work of others with the opportunity to be as creative as possible.  The idea, not a new concept, that collaboration with others to help make a difference is essential was reinforced. The chance to connect not only with β€œme”  but with others  on what leadership truly means was a plus.  This connection with others , presenters and participants, was like a shot in the arm.  Thank you."
Joyce Phillip
Chief Human Resources Officer - University Physicians Healthcare
"Never before have I experienced such a diverse slate of inspiring speakers at one event. LEAD2015 rocks as the event to connect with passionate people with a common goal of service, inclusion, and taking action for the betterment of all."
Anita Wright

Manager Business Development & Proposal Operations - Northrop Grumman
"I enjoyed the positive energy and the flow of the 2 days. One set of ideas led to another and it was truly an evolutionary journey."
Dale Van looyen

Senior Manager, IT Procurement - The Co-operators Group
"The speakers. Also the panels we (Delaware State University) had during the breaks. We were able to not only hear from national/international leaders, but local and student leaders as well."
Cindy Blackston
Delaware State University
"Most of the conference was awesome! I really enjoyed hearing personal and relevant stories. It really helps us relate to real life situations. Wish I could have been there in person."
Karla Reed
"I wasn't there physically, however, I felt included. You did a great job. I look forward to next year being able to fully participate. #lead2015"
Yvette Beasley
"The honor of hearing former president Bill Clinton speak personally on leadership & share stories that were not general public."
Candi Bourn
"It provided a wealth of inspiration at a time in the year when it is commonly needed. The speakers were incredible and the venue looked amazing. Eric de Groot was an amazing emcee as well, ensuring that every activity he did was related to the lessons learned during the speeches. "
Spencer Burton
"The engaging atmosphere. It was refreshing. I was able to connect with leaders from around campus in a new way. Inspired."
Kamillah Lewis
Delaware State University
"The fact that you started with Eric Wahl and turned Leadership into a dynamic flow of inspired creativity more so than an activity."
Cassie Green
Delaware State University