The Power of Music and How It Can Inspire

Arthur Bloom - Composer and Founder of MusiCorps
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Arthur Bloom, founder of MusiCorps, is a contemporary composer whose work has been played by such ensembles as the Israel Chamber Orchestra and the Tulsa Philharmonic. He started MusiCorps in 2007 to integrate arts and healing for wounded veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. A graduate of the Yale School of Music, Arthur offers his services to patients at Walter Reed who have an interest in playing an instrument. The rehabilitative program integrates musicians as mentors, traditional instruments along with computer workstations and custom equipment, and projects tailored to individual circumstances, interests, and goals. They practice technique, play, write, and record music. Bloom calls it "adaptive music making" because the vets who are missing or who have damaged hands or limbs require specialized instruments provided by MusiCorps.