Own Your Privilege and Power, Then Share It

Deborah Dagit - President of Deb Dagit Diversity LLC
Presentation Description: 

Using illustrative stories, Deb will demonstrate how successful executives are leaders who are comfortable in their own skin who are often humble, give others credit, and are willing to be vulnerable.  

Aspiring leaders need to shift their career strategy from “fake it until you make it” to seeing their individuality as an asset. The more someone is comfortable in their own skin, the more likely they are to reach their personal and professional objectives. It is vitally important for leaders to understand and leverage Marshall Goldsmith’s definition of “Mojo":

“That positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside."

 This looks like:

  • even when tackling a daunting and vexing challenge, framing the situation in positive terms as an opportunity that merits attention
  • staying present, and not spending a lot of time on the history or the potential impact down the road, but focusing on the here and now
  • speaking from ones values, principles and heart, being true to oneself and the passion for the role played, and the mission of the company
  • owning privilege by acknowledging it exists, and recognizing you benefit from it.  This may be your skin color, gender, socio-economic status, academic successes, sexual orientation, ability, faith and/or parental status.