Nomination Rules

LEAD Awards - Celebrate Your Training and
Development Programs

The LEAD Awards are meant to celebrate internal development and training programs implemented by Corporate, Government and Educational organizations.

Corporate Organizations

Educational Institutes

Chambers of Commerce

Not-for Profit Organizations

The first step to winning a prestigious LEAD Award is to nominate your own, or your clients internal training and development program. To nominate a program you must complete a nomination form that takes less than 10 minutes. You are free to nominate your program for any number of award categories that you think it applies to. Though, a LEAD representative will review your nomination to ensure that the program you have nominated is suitable to win an award in said categories.

Once your program has been approved by a LEAD representative, you will be sent a unique link to a short survey that takes less than 1 minute to complete. You are responsible for sending this survey to all the people involved in your program, including employees, trainers, managers, stakeholders etc. Award winners are determined by an algorithm that measures the percentage of total surveys completed compared to the number of people in the program, the average score your program received from its participants and the description /feedback we receive about your program. The more people that complete the survey and the higher they score it, the better chance you have of winning. We do realize that some programs reach thousands of employees and it would be next to impossible to reach all of them. In this case, we accommodate by looking more favorably on lower completion rates for larger organizations.

Organizations that have ranked high enough to be in the winners circle are among the top 10% in each category. Each category has a different number of winners in the winners circle based on the total amount of organizations in that category. All organizations in the winners circle will receive a LEAD Award, with special recognition to those in the top 3 spots. Furthermore, all organizations in the winners circle are invited to host their own roundtable at LEAD2020 and will be recognized on stage on the night of the award ceremony.