Create an Inspired School. Host your own LEAD2015 Event

On March 30th & 31st, inspire your school. Your students. Your faculty.

Many students complete university or college never having honed proper leadership skills. They attend 3 lectures a day, do 40 hours of studying a week, and spend four years getting ready for the real world. What the real world needs is more leaders- people who are inspired to create a better world for everyone. LEAD2015 strives to inspire the actions that will do just that. Presenting keynotes from 22 world thought leaders, this event will be unlike any other leadership event this year, don’t let your school be left out!



How it works:

  • The live LEAD2015 event will take place at the Four Seasons in Dallas, TX

  • The speakers at the live event will be broadcast out via webstream

  • You develop a modest amount of school-specific leadership content to inject into the broadcasted content

  • As a simulcast site, you drive ticket sales for attendees to come participate at your school (or sponsor your students- call (877) 472-6648 x134 for details.


Steps to get involved:

  • Register to be a remote simulcast site- Tell us about you & your venue!

  • Participate in one of our technology test days

  • Gather sponsorship for your school’s event

  • Market & sell tickets

  • Host your students & faculty and witness incredible leadership presentations


What we do for you:

  • Stream the best leadership speakers directly into your school

  • Provide all of the necessary promotional materials to drive attendance

  • Help you get all the required technology set up

  • Build you a website to promote and sell tickets through

  • Provide all attendees with a download of our Personal Excellence App


How you benefit:

  • Keep 50% of ticket revenue (less transaction costs)

  • Keep 100% of local sponsorship revenue

  • Establish your school as an authority on leadership

  • Great networking opportunities

  • More motivated and inspired students & faculty

  • Continue to message your students and faculty in the year following using the Personal Excellence App