CareerTalk: Demystifying the Career Conversation

Beverly Kaye - Author and Founder of Career Systems International
Presentation Description: 

Great leaders know that they can't take the development of talent for granted.  Individuals at every level want to report to someone who understands their talents, challenges them, opens channels for their development and links them to useful resources.  They want someone to take an interest in their growth.

If an individual believes their leader truly cares about their development, their engagement will be high.  Individuals need to learn that their leaders are not responsible for managing their career....only their work.  And leaders need to learn that their job is to support the development process not fix it or hand over the next move.

Winning organizations will put career development front and center and foster a culture that supports an agile, mobile and committed workforce where:

  • individuals bring their best capabilities forward
  • leaders bring their best coaching skills to their teams
  • organizations make individual development and growth a top priority


The problem is how to do this in a pressurized "no time to do it" environment.  Leaders need a framework and tools for this dialogue.  Individuals need to take control and do the homework, research, and thinking that leads to a mutually beneficial conversation.  This session gets you started!