Building a Business Beyond Bias

Brigette McInnis-Day - Executive Vice President SAP Human Resources
Presentation Description: 

An inclusive environment provides a major advantage in today’s fiercely competitive market for top talent. Best-in-class organizations welcome diverse individuals at every level– diverse in terms of gender, nationality, generation, professional background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical capability, academic background, and experience.

But simply having a heterogeneous group is not necessarily the same as making everyone feel valued and appreciated. True inclusion is only achieved when people have a sense of “belonging”.

You can’t fake it. Trying to appear inclusive when people don’t feel a genuine sense of belonging will work against you — and undermine the very culture you are working to create. There’s no magic wand, no overnight solution – building a truly impactful, inclusive culture takes hard work, a motivated and engaged population, and a long-term commitment at every level.