About Us

About LEAD

LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Development) is a unique two-day leadership event held in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 7th to 9th. This event is devoted to inspiring individuals and enriching lives across the globe. Leadership in HR is a key ingredient to success and loving what you do.

HR.com's annual LEAD conference brings together SVPs, VPs and CLOs at the most exhilarating and rewarding event of the year. LEAD is constantly thriving to equip individuals in HR with the insights and tools required to be better leaders in the world today. We aim to create a world inspired, so all attendees can walk away from this event ready to take measurable action that will impact the lives of those they lead.

Every aspect of this event raises the bar in leadership. We exist to put leadership back on the radar in HR, strong leaders are needed in our businesses, organizations, communities and personal lives. We bring you a group of individuals that possess leadership in a multitude of ways. Every speaker has something new to bring to the table, prepare to witness some of the most thought provoking speakers of our time.

Day 1

  • 13 Keynote Speakers live and broadcasted worldwide
  • Audience Interactions
  • Live Entertainment
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Refreshments and Snacks provided

Day 2

  • Roundtable discussions about award winning leadership development programs, hosted by the practitioners themselves.
  • Workshops about current trends and putting theories into practise, hosted by industry leaders.
  • Networking opportunities with other HR executives in similar roles to you.
  • 36th Annual LEAD Awards Gala celebrating excellence in leadership development programs
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Refreshments, Snacks and Dinner provided
What We Do At LEAD


Inspire the world through our lineup of 13 hand selected speakers that share their meaningful and personal stories. These speakers are broadcasted on a global scale inspiring hundreds of thousands of people.


Celebrate excellence in both HR and Leadership Development across the globe at the 36th annual LEAD Awards. (Also known as the Oscars of HR) With 35 award categories across all aspects of HR, we not only recognize the exceptional achievements in leadership development but all innovations in HR developmental programs.


Inspire with like-minded executives. You never know who you'll meet at LEAD! LEAD2018 is the only networking conference for SVPs, VPs and CLOs which creates a space to engage with other thought leaders and skilled professionals in your industry.

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