2016 Testimonials

LEAD2016 Testimonials

Erik Fisaga, Direct Energy

Ted Higgins - VP, Talent Development at Fidelity Investments

Mark Weinstein - Faculty Director of MSHRM Programs at FIU

Lisa Bull -  VP Employee and Leadership Learning
at Ceridian HCM

Jack Zenger - CEO Zenger|Folkman

Sue Collard - Career Development Director at Dell Inc

Dawn Siemet - Leadership Development Team Leader at Southwest Airlines

Sherry Wimes - VP of HR at Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. 

Claudia Fernandez -North Carolina State University


More Testimonials

Quote - Susan Duffy "I definitely got the unexpected when I came to this event. I didn't expect the emotional rollercoaster I was exposed to; the understanding of the journeys that the leaders had been on in terms of resilience, in terms of perseverance and passion that had brought them to where they are today. It's been an incredible experience, a lot of notes and a lot of quotes to take home and it only keeps getting better!"
Susan Duffy
Executive Director - CWEL
Quote - Rob Hebeler "The experience has been great. I didn't know what to expect beyond what I've read and it has exceeded any expectations. What I like about LEAD is that the leadership is from everyone; it's from the music industry, entertainment and media, social justice and these aren't particularly areas that I reach for when i think about leadership. It has really expanded my definition and has given me access to worlds that I don't know that I would have been exposed to otherwise."

Rob Hebeler
Assistant Dean - Leadership Development, Rollins College
Quote - Sandra St. Fleur "LEAD2015 was one of the best conferences I've attended in a while – and I was only there for one day! Couldn't have asked for a better venue, speakers, and content. I loved the atmosphere, organization, and quick pace of the 30-minute keynotes. And there was just enough time for networking mixed in to the agenda. The staff did a bang-up job all around and I look forward to attending again next year!"
Sandra St. Fleur
Director, Strategic Talent Management - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quote - Lynda Lloyd
"I have to say coming to LEAD2016 has been a gift. It's one of those unexpected surprises. I was a bit leary, it seemed too good to be true. When I arrived I was stunned that all these key high-level speakers were here in person. I did not expect the emotion that came and the inspiration that I gained from attending this conference. High level, innovative, new concepts were introduced to me, very engaging - I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in leadership development."

Lynda Lloyd
Director of Staff Development - NorthWest Arkansas Community College